Food Fight!
Starring these models:
"I couldn't see-through the beans in my eyes, so I ducked under the table."

Food Fight!

On Sunday at noon, all the ladies showed up at my house looking sharp. The table was set for a heavenly luncheon feast. We were just getting ourselves seated when Flame came out with a comment about Dusty's "copy-cat" attire, and suddenly smeared a cupcake right into the gap of the sleeve. This shocked Dusty into a scandalous grab for the dessert tray as Flame invited her bare back to take the hit. She may have avoided a face shot from Dusty, but Shasta saw all this happening and smashed Flame right in her mouth with a handful of cranberries, and then ducked. Next thing I knew, there was spaghetti and ice cold milk, creamed corn and mashed potatoes, flinging and splatting hard everywhere, and we were all shrieking with delight.

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