Spice's First Pie!
Starring the following model:
"Spice has warmed up 8 deep dish McCains, 4 chocolate cream, and 4 coconut!"

Spice's first Pie!

It's her very first time for a solo pieing, and Spice has warmed up 8 deep dish McCains, 4 chocolate cream, and 4 coconut cream! She's such a creamy little dream, herself, in that foxy white jump suit and she can't wait to dig in! "Where do I start?", she asks, as though she needs prompting. "Wherever you like", purrs Grace, "but you gotta hurry! Our camera is really acting funny!" "With great pleasure", Spice plunges her lovely feet straight in to the first two pies and really squishes them in. She's thoroughly enjoying herself for a good long paddle, squish and spatter. Then to Grace's pleasure and hers, she perfectly splats and circles nice targets with a few more very warm mushy pies. She's smiling big, and going slow. It's driving Grace crazy! This lil' vixen was going too slow and Grace just couldn't stand it anymore! She just had to get her hands in there! So Much for solo! Well, that's when the fun really started, kasplatt goes the head sandwich! Following all the plastering and rolling these girls could stand they mushed a trail of creamy pie filling alll the way into the shower. A great smelling friendly shower!

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