Triple Treats!
Starring these models:
"...and into the open and waiting undies this big juicy bowl is poured!"

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Triple Treats!

We dared Candi to wear her neon green shoes and neon Pink undies with her little Naughty School Girl uniform., and come on over for an innocent treat. I invited her classy friends Paige and Tifany to come over as well and we got Candi to squat into the ol' swimming pool and squish her tush into the bottom of the "on the bottom, soy dessert." Bottom's Up and Tops Down, Candi is a steaming dream of squishies. She was more than willing, and she digs in very well.

Squirts are then shared between Candi and Paige in an introductory giggle-squirt of milky-pink nestles quick. Tifany steps in all pretty with her jugs and serves the Naughty schoolgirl with Candi's most ekky non-favorite food>>raisin based pie-filling. Candi must roll and lick into 5 cans of Raisin Pie Filling on a side-bet., and into the open and waiting undies this big juicy bowl is poured. However, it is Tifany who is a bit naughtier than the schoolgirl when it comes to raisins, mmmmmmmm thank you, Tifany., and she offers her Tiny undies to be filled, asking for another good juicy scoop of those great raisins she soon becomes the bottom of a most delicious dessert. Now they want to know how much more can Tifany absorb.

They bring on the freshly-mixed cake mix, 21 boxes in al. (7 golden, one white, the rest were chocolate). Candi hits that with the chocolate first... with access to a Dozen Jars of Nutella, 9 more boxes of pink squirt nestles Quick and a 1/2 gallon jug of syrup... maybe a gallon...these three boobalicious ladies are having a slippery grabbing and beautifully tasty time, and Tifany seems to be absorbing it all! No fair! Candi wants more... HOT, sexy candi! She gets more!

Clean-up was not expected to happen outside in Public View, but it did. Here's some Public WAM for yo. These three ladies were being watched by quite a number of curious neighbours and my room-mates, through the entirety of hosing each other off... undies and clean titties to the wind! Don'tch'ya just love these girls!

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