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"Feeling restricted, or naughty? Grace entered a disrobing frenzy."

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The Preparation!

I dipped into an amazing morning, first having a cheeky sexy bath in my pj's, then slipping my sweater-dress over my wet body to greet the day. I trotted out into my big back yard and discovered my choking full apple-tree had fallen down! Too heavy, I guess! I started picking as a dude neighbour watched from his roofing repair. I quickly had one big basket filled after another, but then my bare foot hit a slug and I slipped straight down the hill as a stick held my dress way up high. My bare bum skidded right to the bottom! Grassy assstain! Everything was showing! The roofing neighbour smiled right at me! I blushed, dusted off, and continued my chore until every apple was plucked from those heavy branches. Wow, over 160 lbs, maybe 200 I think! (I'll bet he chuckled all day!) Then, I did what any normal lady would do. I changed my clothes again, then I lit my backyard fire pit and started boiling up the apples and pouring them into my super-tall, freshly-washed recycle bin on wheels. This unexpected project went on through the day and way into the night--poking, stroking, mushing, gushing, until the handles began to leak way up near the top! The damn thing can't be moved easily. Dunno what I'll do, some 60 litres of split-skinned, puffed up and smelling good. Steaming-hot apples proudly stand, cooling, waiting... The Event!

The 60-litre garbage drum rumbled awkwardly to the edge of the tub with its wheels precariously balancing the tremendous weight. Boiled, split-skinned apples gleamed in the sunshine through the bathroom window. Grace had a plan to strain all the apples with a big cauldron thingy, so she muscled up all her strength repeatedly, but could not get the apples poured into the bathtub. The hardest pull scored only the top layer, getting her nice black leather skirt and pink ruffle a wee bit messy. oops! She called for help and up-ended it did go! Grace didn't get out of the way like she said she would... instead she climbed right under the pour! All 60 litres! It shocked her! I think she sat up and then went back under. ha ha ha The weight and rich thickness rolled into Grace's clothes and oozed it's goo into a glob. Feeling restricted, or naughty (I'm not sure which)... Grace entered a disrobing frenzy, popping the buttons from her blouse and yanking them off with an extra squeeze. Then she unzipped and filled up her skirt. The ruined leather skirt drops as she rips up her lovely new high-neck teddy. Then she filled up her stockings... frantically, even her clothing stuffs their way in! ooooooo she can sure fill those mesh pantyhose. Grace experiments like an expert so it doesn't take long before the crotch splits right out and all she can do from here is shed the remnants. She's lookin pretty good... saving the best for last... squeezed-from-hair applesauce dribbling down her long sweetened body... naked and natually refreshed!
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