Blue Satin Dress!
Starring the following model:
"This time it's all about Grace getting a chance to WAM in House Paint!"

Is there any excuse for a dressed up glamorous gal in a bath tub?

Grace has been carrying around this old can of vanilla-colored paint for months... just aching to pour it over someone's head! Seems she can wait no longer and picks a lovely thick Blue Satin Dress from her closet. Could this be clothing destruction for the sake of closet reduction? Not in her expensive Blue Velvet Shoes! This time it's all about Grace finally getting a chance to get messy in House Paint! She's right on the mark about this, she pours the whole can right over her head! mmmmmm, slippery slime! With her eyes closed, she succumbs to the fresh smell and taste of the paint, squeezing her hands through the muck and spreading it from head to toe! We know now that Grace will only be satisfied once she is sure this luxurious satin gown, her pantyhose and these beautiful shoes will never see another day of glamour!

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