The Bride!
Starring the following model:
"Cherrie swings about the room, then dives into the cake, face first!"

This is a once in a life-time, on the dash, you get what you get party with Cherrie, our Bride. Cherrie is full of the dickens when she arrives at "Grace's Fun House." Cherrie finds Prism's hidden Wedding Dress and tries it on. Cherrie is one Hottie Princess in this beautiful Gown! Neighbors, friends and a few more guys showed up and all were admiring this new bride, and from there, the house spilled over with entertainment.

One of the drop-ins was pregnant Prism who was shocked to see Cherrie wearing the Dress earmarked for her! She couldn't fuss too much though as it will obviously be a while before she'll be able to fit into something like that again.

Grace was baking cakes. NO one is impressed with the super fast make-shift wedding cake that Grace made. It really was horrible! Cherrie swings herself about the room on the rope-swing in Grace's Kitchen, and somehow first gets stuck, then once saved, she dives into the wedding cake, face first! She swings her hair wildly, spattering the rest of the crowd. Cherrie was going to help decorate the cake, but now, it's all about wamming!

Please excuse the mess, I really wasn't ready for this!

Prism, we owe you a dress.

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