Oil Change! Parts 1 and 2
Starring these models:
"Grace's Van gets a very messy oil change!"

Oil Change! Part one: Star's challenge is to change the oil filter of Grace's Van... but she can't get out of the way of the quickly-forming pool of black oil! It seeps right through her satin blouse and office whites! When squirming out from beneath the van, she apologises that she can't do a better job, but we think she's done this part of the oil-change just perfectly! She's a very sexy Mechanic!

Oil Change! Part two: Devlin's been asked to finish this oil-change. She quickly slips under the van with an air of experience, but she forgets the number one rule... "Have a bowl nearby." She gets the oil pan bolt out but she is wayy too late with Grace's little catch-bowl! Saturated in Spent Oil, she completes her task right proudy! Devlin invites you to clean her up... but maybe she gets a "cream-you-down" surprise!

Also available soon at WamDownloads.com and for members of wamfetishgirls.com.

File count:2
Total size:372.82 MB
Runtime:23 mins, 51 secs
Product ID:oc001
Scene ID:2681

Includes these files:
2,184 Kbps
176.27 MB
11.3 minutes
2,181 Kbps
196.55 MB
12.6 minutes
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