Chocolate Cranberry Sunday
Starring these models:
"Devlin wants to paint a big butterfly on Betty's boobs!"

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They showed up with their own wammables and a plan! Seven pounds of melted chocolate and several other white chocolate and caramel chippetts and lets say many contrasting flavours were prepared. Devlin wants to paint a big butterfly over betty's boobs. The ladies wore very foxy attire for this event and had some premixed vodka concoction on the go, so the first few drinks and strokes of the delicate finger-painting began...

Making the outline look deliberate despite "Bettygiggles," it did start to look like a butterfly, but for Betty it wasn't long before it was playtime and started returning the cranberry boob-cramming! That surely takes Devlin by surprise and as if to ask, "Now what do I do?" Devlin stops and hovers over the cool, sticky sensation. Aaahhaaaaa, she likes it! Did ya get that? Betty loves to wrestle messy and tackles Devlin almost roughly! And Devlin, to my surprise, is really good at this game! Betty really gets her face smeared, her hair yanked, her nipple tweaked, and a tickle-belly-blow right thru the chocolate mess! In return, Devlin gets some super tickles, honked-upon breasts, and really gets her lovely bodiesuit rip ped to shreds!

As they blend into a more seductive sisterly mood they enjoy the guckkiness of pancake syrup. They spread and puddle and spill little secrets to each other all the while soaked with goo, and then the tickle-trickle-of-treacle begins and it silences Devlin altogether as she anticipates and absorbs the pouring tar-gooey substance trails. It is chilled and the consistency ever-thickening... getting blobbier and thicker toward the bottom down to the amazing gobs of molasses! Now that was cold, but very warm and comfortable. Betty serves it up well and deserves a kiss for the love of it all before they share the bath mess and shower together. They love wam!

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"Great camerawork captures two fun, chubby, totally messy girls."
We are dropped into the middle of a top-down view of Betty (a brunette) lying down, already getting covered with cranberry sauce by Devlin (a redhead). Betty is laughing like made because it tickles. These are two chubby but cute girls, dressed in things like fishnet stockings, lace shirts, and short skirts. Everything it black. They are on what looks like a regular bed in a regular room, not a special "set" prepared for a wam shoot.

We watch as the two girls go sort of tit for tat and smear the sauce on each other, taking slight pauses to have a sip of some mixed drink concoction. We get cranberries down the shirt, messy stomach "zerberts," and wrestling action. The girls also bust out a pan of chocolate sauce and attack each other with it.

After about 5 minutes in, we get some clothes-ripping action. Then they attack each other more, being sure to get each others face and hair, and rip their clothes even more. Halfway in, the girls are completely destroyed head to toe with the chocolate, and there is some skin showing (and definitely big, nice boobs), but no actual nudity.

Now they bring in some caramel chips and what looks like pudding from a can. It gets smeared on the big tits, in the mouth, and everywhere else. Devlin then lies down and lets Betty pour chocolate sauce all over her ripped top and fishnets. Then it gets smeared in, with special attention paid to the fully-clothed boobs. This goes on for a long, deliberate time before Betty brings out some maple syrup and massages that in. The video is finished with some fun, giggly wrestling.

Besides the obvious fun that these messy girls (and the camerawoman) are having throughout this 22-minute video, I'd say that the best part is the hand-held camerawork. It's not too shaky, and manages to step back and let you get the entire picture when you want it, but then gets in close to see the things that need to be seen. The view moves around front to back, overhead to down-low, for the best possible angle almost all the time. You feel like you're really there watching, and it's the best possible compliment to these two fun, bubbly girls getting completely messed up. , 10/13/09
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