Eggs Betty!
Starring the following model:
"I started by cracking the goose eggs over her stomach and cleavage. Wow!"

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With a faint hope that he may get to Wam one of his favorite Wam Models... he saved up over 333! This is extracted from the Fetish Girls Forum!

"Grace visits Shredder, part 10"

It's part of Shredder's wonderful account of the hilarious time these three had together.

"Like I said previously, Betty had remained remarkably clean during my painting and been a wonderful sport gunking me and being photographer. Now it was her turn for some fun. Grace had brought a pink bridesmaid dress that Chi Chi wanted wammed. With some assistance, curvee Betty was crammed into the dress, filling it very nicely. Laying out on the back deck, I got a chance to shred a dress that was beyond my usual price range by a long shot. The laser etched roses in the fabric, the double layering and the mesh and taffeta underskirting were begging for some serious alterations. Grace trimmed her t shirt to make a blindfold (and a really great crop T for later) The dress neck was nice enough, but 3 diamonds cut into the throat area inproved it. I thought that the skirt did not show enough leg, so I trimmed it from the hip on one side, diagonally down to the hem on the other, layering the underskirt and shredding the mesh layer. Not quite satisfied with the diamond neck, I tried a deep V neckline instead and was much happier. I carved an S into the belly of the dress, letting the underlayer shine through. Not often do I get to brand someone, so I may as well enjoy it. After this preliminary shredding, we moved to the bathtub. Egg sales had been a little slow recently yet the birds had been producing their butts off, so I had 333 surplus eggs in inventory. Mostly they were chicken eggs, but also duck, some turkey and 3 huge goose eggs. 333 in all. It took several trips to even carry the flats to the bathroom and set up. I started by cracking the goose eggs over her stomach and cleavage. Wow, did that silk ever darken. Betty played with the cracked eggs. For some reason I felt like having fried eggs and melon for breakfast the next morning. Once the first flat of eggs got cracked, we started going nuts, dumping one on her before the previous had flowed out of the way. Some of the action shots of the hits were quite interesting. Then, I started carving up the dress some more, making it single strap and then strapless. Using the remnants, I carved a heart shape and Betty glued it to her breast with the eggslop. That worked well, so I made a spade for the other one. She was really getting into the eggs, sitting and playing in several inches of slop and even filling a bowl for some cleavage dipping. Betty's butt in her lacy little hotshorts was hot indeed. Some final shredding and Betty was standing in a ragskirt covering her ample chest with her small hands. She lay down and I placed a king of clubs card on her butt, completing the set of cards concept. What a wonderful sight!

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