Knockers and Nutella!
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"Meet Candi! She's partnered up with Betty for a little Kitchen Chaos!"

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Knockers and Nutella! Another dynamic new girl joins our fold! Meet Candi! She's partnered up with Betty for a little Kitchen Chaos! These two have 12 jars of Nutella, 4 tubs of Vaseline, a jug of Syrup, a gallon of Cake Batter, Quaker Oats and some Nestle's Quick to play with, and boys, they are having the time of their life! Candi takes to WAM like... Candy! Seems she's pretty fond of Betty too! They start with the Vaseline, first applying it in gentle strokes then in gobs, Candi wants to know what this feels like!. Things get a little slippery after that, but fortunately these two have equally matched bumpers!

That's when Candi opens up the Syrup and dumps the whole jug over Betty! A few squirts of Strawberry Milk gets Betty squealing as these two enjoy their syrupy swim! Betty starts spreading Nutella everywhere which gets more than a rise out of our Candi, she's never had that done before, and in the midst of her astonishment she cannot figure out why! With Candi spread out and grinning Betty see's her opportunity for total coverage, and up-ends a gallon of mixed cake batter over our unsuspecting virgin, wammer!

This girl understands! Making no attempt to wipe anything away she lavishly enjoys the sensation, swimming only by feel across the floor. Drawn to the warmth of Betty's hot spot she thanks Betty for this wonderful new experience with a special kiss and lots of shmooshy hugs! It's Tit for Tat as our two new best friends lick, tickle, slap, squish and roll about on the kitchen floor!

After leaving a special signature in the mess they spot our innocent onlooker Shredder. Seems his improved vantage point has unfortunately put him just a little too close to the action. Did I say unfortunately? It's "man overboobed" in his rather feeble attempt to stay on dry land as our gals use every squishy, sloppy and bouncy weapon they have at their disposal!

An established win under their belts has Candi celebrating by pouring Quaker Oats all over herself and giving us a good look at her weapons of choice! Before tip toeing to the sink for the initial foot cleaning our victorious duo offers up a few poses over their prey... Welcome Candi!

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