Candi Does Prism!
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"A little wine and these two are slipping off their jeans and into the tub!"

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3 min
Candi has been asking to wam with Prism since she first saw her pictures... we knew this was going to be good! It was quite by accident though that the two met up at Grace's house one afternoon. Sharing wine and stories, they hit it off right away. It wasn't long before the conversation turned to wam and soon afterwards they started looking through Grace's cupboards! Not being one to let an opportunity like this go by, Grace offers up Nutella, Chocolate Cake Mix, Pumpkin Pie Filling, Milk, Strawberry Sauce and Watermelon Chunks!

A few more sips of wine and these two are gleefully slipping out of their jeans and into the tub! Starting off with the Chocolate and Nutella Mix, Candi smears those long luscious legs of Prism's all the way up to that cute apple bottom, and takes great pleasure in giving it a little kiss! It's Prism's turn now and she grabs the first jug of milk, she know's it cold and dribbles it slowly... smearing it onto our chocolatety covered Candi. Grace wants to get in on the fun though and lets one hand off the camera long enough to up end the rest of the jug over her! Now it is Candi's turn again and she's focused on stuffing the Pumpkin Pie Filling into Prism's little panties, front and back... right good! Seems that was refrigerated too! In quick retaliation Prism grabs the Watermelon chunks and stuffs them into Candi's top before getting her hands on the second jug of milk! Now Candi has the delightful task of squirting the Strawberry Sauce all over Prism's Boobs, followed by the obligatory taste test! It get's pretty friendly after that... with lots of smearing, slipping, sliding and Boob licking. The action between these two is so hot... it isn't till Grace's feet get wet that any one notices the tub overflowing!

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