Slip in Satin!
Starring these models:
"Grace has found two adorable satin nighties for the girls to... clay in!"

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Candi and Tifany have offered to help mix up Grace's bags of clay, thoughtfully provided by Gloppy and Grace has found two adorable Satin nighties for the girls to... clay in! First though she has them pose in the sun, for a few before pics.

Being very safety conscious, Grace insists the girls wear their masks while the powder is being mixed. Quickly realizing that this is a hands on job, Candi is first to step into the pool. Tifany follows, agreeing to stay on her knees so she can keep her shoes on. This proves to be a big mistake as Candi takes this as an opportunity too good to pass up, and dunks Tifany face first, mask and all!

Not a sputter and a wipe goes by before Tifany has a handful of clay in Candi's face! These two can't get mad at each other though... this is too much fun! Smearing and squishing the clay against each other's bodies seems to be a good way to get out the lumps too!

With the first bag mixed they step into the sun for a chance to feel the slip dry and crack against their skin. Tifany wants to make sure Candi is as well coated as she is so she smears Candi down before they get back into the pool to mix the next bag!

It's tit for tat after that as the two slip, slap and lounge playfully in the pool. The girls are having a great time and make certain to cover every inch of each other and themselves in the luxurious mix! Stepping into the sunshine again, they take on the look of two tempting Greek statues as they coil their bodies together sensuously... then Grace turns the hose on them!

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