Clay Play!
Starring these models:
"Betty pushes Spice against the clay bank and whips out the fabric paint!"

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Wilderness Traveling can be hazardous unless y'got a few jello shooters and some hooters to play with! The babes bounce out of the SUV to explore the mountain and Betty packs a surprise! She wants to decorate Spice's new kinky black dress. At the first hint of Clay Pits, however, Spice has found heaven. Slippery fine with no lump. and cool... Betty pushes her victim into a cooperative position against the clay bank and whips out the fabric paint! She proceeds to decorate Spice while sweet-talking right up close, making a few sloppy promises. Then cheeky Spice expresses herself upon Betty! That just gets right outta hand and into the rich wild clay... plunging each other in till they blend into the wilderness and the wonders of WAM. Spice is absorbing the moment and letting it all sink in. Betty Plays well, and Spice really digs Betty... today more than ever! Playing hard really tuckers these girls out eventually. A tiny but sparkling fresh stream feeds this clay-pit and helps wash Betty's eyes, but it only teases a cleansing for Spice. This is so futile it's freaking primitive! Spice has a unique solution! A flattering garbage bag for each of them to wear, gum boots and all, for a river swim! As the muck dries and turns to a bluish grey powder and Dreads clank like pottery the ladies laugh over the fun they had. Arrival at the river was not a private affair, however. A large group of explorers were taking in the sights, LOL, of these two girls hopping out of an SUV caked in mud, wearing bags, and running toward the river in gum boots! Well, the on-lookers disappeared, only to gain a better view on the puma-rock above. Betty suddenly sprayed Spice down with a super shot of shaving foam and then pulled her dress down! Rich billows of foam over clay-covered breasts made whipped clay! Into the river for a boob count and cleaning for these two brave women!

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