A Bitch's Dream!
Starring these models:
"A classic Wedding Dress Bitch Fight--from our early years!"

Sahara has just caught wind of Bambi's plans to marry... her ex boyfriend!

Seething with anger, she envisions all the ways she could retaliate. As cousins she knows she could never get away with half the nasties she would like to... but she can dream...

The Bride's Wedding Gown picture shoot continues with Bambi in a fabulous full length, veiled and beaded gown, while Sahara watches on. But she can't stop these fantasies...

"Maybe she'll wander off into the trees..." Sahara's daydream begins. "I could sneak up on her, grab her and tie her to a tree... yah!" "Nobody would hear her scream, and I could blindfold her so she'll really be scared!" "Then I'll poke her with a stick, and lift her dress right over her head!" "She'll thinks it's for real!"

"I could just leave her there... but my knots aren't so good, so she'd probably get away." "Well then, I'll just smoosh her right into the mud then!" "Yah!" "A nice big mud puddle for her brand new Wedding Dress... uh huh!" "I'd get her right in deep, and ruin that beautiful dress, and her hair, and her make-up... maybe I'll even tear that dress right off her!" "She's strong though, she always beats me when we fight... but I don't care... bitch!"

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